About Villanueva University

Villanueva is a private university affiliated by charter to the Complutense University of Madrid since 1997. It aims to be an innovative University, capable of leaving its mark on society as university institutions advance into the third millennium.

One of the features of this endeavor is our specialization in the Social Sciences. Our ambition is to improve interdisciplinary research and development in these fields, and to apply results to teaching and to the professions. The fact that the College is privately owned, yet affiliated to a state university, has two important implications: first, students obtain a degree that is publicly recognized and second, the college can operate with enormous flexibility and adaptability without losing the traditional spirit and academic standards of the parent University.

The Complutense University of Madrid was founded in the XVI century and is today the most highly respected of the Spanish state universities.

Villanueva is a private university in Madrid has been designing and organizing international programs since 1988 and it is a founding member of European Business Schools International (EBSI GROUP) and member of Businet Network. Villanueva receives between 150 and 200 international students each academic year.

Villanueva University provides quality higher education based on the principles of Christian humanism.

The main features of our university model are:

  • Specialising in a variety of social sciences: Business, Law, Communications, Education and Psychology.
  • A commitment to an interdisciplinary, transversal and integrated education in humanities.
  • A professional character, coupled with the commitment to research, which defines the university’s key role of transmitting knowledge.
  • A university environment open to discussions, critical analysis and continual assessment, in which the master classes and individual tutoring, group assignments, lectures, and oral and written exercises are combined. All this is accomplished using the latest teaching methods, both face-to-face, and online.
  • The transmission of human and ethical values through lesson content, born from the belief that the students will have an influence on society through their work environments.
  • Provide solid and extensive training to prepare professionals who stand out for their work ethic and spirit of service.
  • The participation and involvement of teachers as major figures in the educational process.
  • Support for student training through academic tutoring and personal counselling.
  • The relevance of our training, both in teaching methodologies and work practice programs, aimed at facilitating employment for graduates.
  • A clear international focus, present in our curriculum and with the possibility of studying part of the course abroad thanks to partnerships and agreements with universities in other countries.

This is reflected in a full range of academic degrees, combined degrees, master’s degrees and certificates of specialisation. Practically all of our students study two degrees or a degree with a certificate, seeking greater preparation, specialisation and professional expertise, which equates to a quick and easy entry into the labour market.

Size and Location

Villanueva abides by two criteria that form part of its identity; not to segregate students into suburban campuses removed from the professional and social reality in which they should be immersed; and to preserve a compact dimension in keeping with the degree of excellence that it demands of all its activities in the specialized areas of learning in which it is engaged.

University sites are thus located in Mirasierra district – Costa Brava, 6 – and – Costa Brava, 2.

Degrees awarded are related to the Social Sciences (Journalism, Audiovisual Communications, Publicity and Public Relations, Law, Business Administration, Education and Teacher Training). Admission standards and selection procedures are demanding due to the limited number of places available.


From its origin, Villanueva Centro Universitario has established a growing number of international academic agreements with different universities outside of Spain, thus enabling our students to study abroad through different exchange programs.

Villanueva is a Higher Education Center with an international outlook. We believe in the importance of an international education. That’s why foreign semesters at two of our partner universities are an integral part of many of our degree programs. The choice of universities at which students can spend their foreign academic year depends on their course of study. The number of international universities they can choose from varies according to their particular field of specialization. To guarantee the quality of the international tuition provided, the network of partner institutions is continuously maintained and extended.

The programs abroad enable students to persue their academic study in a different language and work on specialized subjects in a different academic culture. Students will also get to know the host country, its customs, move their foreign language towards proficiency, and build up a network of international contacts.

The international perspective of the degrees in Villanueva can be observed right from the beginning with language classes (English and French or German), intercultural seminars, the presence of international students and the opportunity to participate in different events at foreign universities (International Law Week, International Marketing Week, Business Week-Finance, International Semesters etc.). Furthermore, students enrolled in the BA + Law and Bachelor in International Business degrees complete their studies with an International Year at two universities abroad. Some of these universities form part of the International EBS (European Business School) with centers in London (Regent’s University London), Paris (EBS Paris), Dortmund, Frankfurt and Munich (ISM: International School of Management. Other universities are part of the EBC Hochschule group in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf or the BUSINET (Global Business Education Network) like the EPHEC in Brussels, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Avans, Stenden and NHL in The Nethelans or Link University in Rome. Villanueva also has bilateral agreements with American universities (Berkeley College in New York and the University of California Riverside in Los Angeles) and Asian universities (Shanghai University in China), as well as with other prestigious European universities such as the Paris-Est Creteil Val-de-Marne University, University of Liège and the Pantheon Sorbonne University (Paris I).

Students enrolled in the Master of Access to a Career in Law (MAAB) also have the possibility of completing their postgraduate studies with an International Legal Semester in Berlin, New York or Shanghai. The courses are aimed at gaining greater knowledge of the German legal system, European institutions or the idiosyncrasies of the American legal system. Work placement at multinationals or international law firms is available at all of the destinations.

The International Year ends with an internship, which allows our students to experience different cultures in an academic, social and business setting, thereby improving their knowledge and communication skills in other languages. The countries and universities are determined by the languages chosen and studied in previous years.