Carlos Magro Martínez-Illescas

Profesor Licenciado

As we move into a future of automation, the creative industries must stand against the fading of the soul and beauty and remind the people we aspire to reach why it’s not only important but essential, that humans continue to connect and to create with humans.

To ensure automation never replaces human creativity.

Think differently igniting value, beauty and personality into everything I do.

I enjoy changing the way people see brands by understanding the important nuances for the property owners and its business. I listen, question, explore and create to develop strategies and expressions with personality.

As an expert in branding and design, I manage the growth of intangible brand asset in global organizations through strategic, creative, technological and training competences. I have developed my career for more than 20 years in largest branding, advertising and communication companies. I have transformed more than 20 leading global brands from more than 14 different sectors. I help companies to highlight their business through the brand in order to make them irreplaceable. I combine analytical and intuitive models to design short and long term strategies that position the brand in the market and increase its financial performance. Through research, words and design I boost stories, symbols and meanings that stand out the brand from its competitors. I promote branding as a lecturer, professor of university and business schools in the field of design, fashion and marketing and collaborate as a writer in specialized media. Leading teams and teaching for years has allowed me to acquire mentor, trainer and facilitator competences. From my teaching perspective, I research, study and apply tools and procedures to promote learning by involving and accompanying students in the process, giving them an active role in the design of their training. I work under a strict code of ethics (loyalty, respect and transparency) sustained by the constant search for quality and rigor. I consider myself creative, analytical, empathetic, good listener and assertive. I strongly believe that working aligned under a common purpose builds skills and beliefs to achieve the impossible.

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