Service to others is such a humbling, refreshing, selfless and wonderful experience. As human beings we coexist to serve one another. It is for this reason that a group of 15 Strathmore University students from Kenya and 30 Villanuva University students from Spain volunteered for a three weeks work camp (3rd June – 24th June) in Machakos County Mulaani village.

A motivated and energetic team of male and female students dedicated their time to serve the students of Mulaani Secondary school and the community at large. The activities included the construction of a new classroom, mentoring the students of Mulaani Secondary School, donation of laptops to the school teaching staff, donation of clothes and other items to members of the community; and sharing on various topics amongst ourselves. We also managed to successful conduct a medical camp whereby the students and members of the community were afforded free medical check ups and treatment.

During the camp, we were able to learn from one another, exchanged our cultures and we were able to create friendship bonds that can never be broken. Even though we had gone to serve the Mulaani community, most of us left the camp with a different perspective in regard to service. This is due to the fact that we learnt so much than we had even anticipated.

The smiles and joy on the students’ faces made us realize that service to others is our main purpose in this world and is the only way to achieve satisfaction as a human person.

Most of us barely new one another when we started the camp. After sharing all the experiences, working together as a team so as to improve the lives of the students at Mulaani Secondary School, we created a bond that can never be broken. Through the sharing amongst ourselves, we were able to learn so much that is essential for our growth as human persons.

The experiences I had during the three weeks will forever be memorable and I would never want to miss another work camp. May God bless all the amazing people who spared and sacrificed their time to go and share with the people of Mulaani Community.

To my friends from Villanueva University, «Karibu Tena», and to my fellow Stratizens, let’s continue Making Hearts Smile.

Bruno Nzomba, alumno de Strathmore University