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Welcome to the place where great things happen!

We are an encouraging and stimulating university environment.

At Universidad Villanueva we have an environment where you can prepare yourself for whatever you choose to be.

Our university community is comprised of students, alumni, and professors dedicated to your education and growthand with the purpose of preparing you for the future.

With a methodology based on academic excellence, you will learn to transform reality, set your own goals, and take control of your life.  All of this in an encouraging environment where values such as freedom and responsibility become your tools to achieve the goal of improving society.

Great things happen at Villanueva and you will learn to make great things happen indeed.

More than 40 years of educational experience

At Universidad Villanueva we have been educating students and professionals with integrity and a deep vocation for service for more than four decades. Every day, you will be with the best professionals and academicians in their fields who share their first-hand teaching and working experiences.

Leaving a positive footprint

We are at your service so that you can leave valuable and permanent marks in the social, cultural, and professional environments in which you live and work.

Learning to transform reality through values

At Universidad Villanueva our methodology is focused on preserving and advancing traditional university values such as individuality, leadership, and love for truth. A way of experiencing university that gives rise to dedicated professionals with a solid academic and humane education.

Discover an environment during one of the most important stages in your life from a perspective based on:

Critical thinking
Dedication to service

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