Why do we believe in our unique way of experiencing the University?

We are part of Fomento Centros de Enseñanza, one of the biggest educational groups in our country, and we understand the University as an institution where the person is everything and where leaving a positive impact in our society is the final goal of everything we do.


Impact is a commitment to an education in values.

A personalized education of Christian inspiration

We accompany students in their daily lives who have the energy and desire to transform society. We help them grow, evolve, and prepare for the future. We do that through higher education based on Christian inspiration where each person is a central character and unique.

An educational effort of great value. An exceptional academic experience.

We put all our efforts at the service of extensive and relevant scientific and teaching research. We delve into the great ethical and social-cultural questions of the day. In this way, we promote the development of knowledge and social progress.

Comprehensive training that never ends

Here, not only do we train people, but we also train professionals. And we do so in all dimensions: emotional, intellectual, humanistic, professional, and cultural at every moment of your university life. Our university will accompany you throughout your university life and your professional career.

We are an educational environment that encourages talent and values.

All of us at Villanueva inspire our students to live and achieve great things. We encourage them to transform society with a job well done and a spirit of service; we move them to action from a common philosophy based on freedom, the development of critical thinking, and the motivation to do good.


To have a goal and reach it. Reach it and make an impact.

We believe in the power of education to make an impact on social change. We want to contribute to the growth of people in the different stages of life with our teaching experience and motivation.

We want to contribute to the improvement of welfare, justice, and peace in our society through training in the fields of Social Sciences (Education, Business, Law, and Communication) and the presence in environments that are closely related to Health Professions where personal attention makes the difference.

We believe in a sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow.

We want to make relevant contributions to ecology and social solidarity and to promote, within companies and institutions, a culture of sustainability and respect for nature and the world around us. At Villanueva, we believe that making a positive impact on society is our legacy.

We believe in a university where freedom and truth are our banner

We want to create a network of universities that defend the dignity of people and their freedom. A university of just and responsible people with clear goals: the search for truth and goodness in all areas of society because at Villanueva we create and encourage activists for values.

We believe that the future is built today

We train both for the world we live in today and for the jobs and professions that do not yet exist. We also help develop the necessary skills to lead the technological and social transformations of tomorrow in a discerning manner.


Knowledge and values. Values and positive impact


We put our students at the centre of everything we do. Their passions drive our direction, and their challenges are catalysts of constant improvement. In this way, we create a dynamic, innovative, and inspiring educational environment that enables them to achieve their goals and to bring out the best in them so that they can carry out their life project. To be what they want to be. To make an impact the way they want to.


We prepare our students to become better people able to improve society. We are in charge of training and inspiring those who will lead and decide tomorrow. For there will be no tomorrow if we are not committed to protecting the world around us today because the sustainability of society and our environment depends on acquiring a committed and responsible vision of every decision and action we make at work and in life.


We understand success as the ability to make a positive impact on the world. To leave a footprint, to advance society, to make people grow. This is why we connect the university with society and its needs and prepare our students to face the great social challenges of the future. We create value activists today who are prepared for tomorrow.


We want to make a difference in everyone's life. That is why we are demanding with the values we instil – integrity, autonomy, and responsibility through the excellence we demonstrate with our unique and pioneering training methodology, the selection of the best teachers, and the maximum involvement of the team in the learning process of our students. These principles are what make university life at Villanueva an extraordinary experience.