Why is there no success without an impact?

Impronta Program

Impronta is a methodology in which all students participate, aimed at fostering university values such as love for freedom, justice, and responsibility, with the objective of leaving a positive impact on the environment in which they live and work.


Knowing how to think, communicate,make decisions, and serve.

We advise you at all times

Your advisor will help you live Impronta as a real university experience. You define your academic and professional goals, set them in motion through all the elements that make up our academic environment, and achieve them.

To achieve this, the Impronta program is based on four fundamental principles:

Learning Through Reflection

The way in which undergraduate courses are taught has a clear purpose: to strengthen your capacity for reflection, critical judgment, and communication skills.

In our undergraduate studies, designed so that our students can acquire a solid training in their branches of knowledge, we apply methods principally based on the ability to analyze and solve problems and provide practical solutions.

Project-based Learning

Problem-based Learning

Question-based Learning

Cooperative Learning

Case Method

You will learn to work with these active methodologies and to communicate yourknowledge, thoughts and conclusions with the oral and written skills acquired during your degree course.

Applied Humanistic Training

Core Curriculum
The Core Curriculum complements your degree with subjects that broaden your horizons and help you solve today's problems.

With our Core Curriculum you will receive a unique training through subjects that complement your undergraduate studies. They help you enhance your intellectual curiosity about your surroundings with high-level subjects and seminars on:

Personal Leadership and Service

Visual Culture and Aesthetic Experience

Science and Information Society


Ethics and Deontology

Culture and Civilizations

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learning for Others

Service Learning (SL)
Gain experience while putting your knowledge infostering social progress.

Because there is nothing as stimulating as learning and putting this training at the service of social needs, our university project integrates service to society in our teaching activities. They include:

Communication agency specialized in the third sector

Legal clinic

Psychology clinic

Social project incubator

Educational support office for inclusion

Academic and Professional Support

Advising and Mentoring Programs
You won't be alone. You'll receive advice and guidance on how to get the most out of your university years and your degree program.

You will have an advisor to guide you in your intellectual growth throughout your degree and a mentor will accompany you in your final year to help you develop your professional soft skills.


During your university years you will have an expert teacher-advisor both in the subjects for your degree and in Impronta. You will have their support and monitoring to achieve your goals.


The Mentoring Program is focused on the utmost development of yourprofessional skills and consists of three elements:

  • Seminars with professionals
  • Workshops and round tables oriented to your incorporation into the professional market.
  • A mentor will complement the support of the advisor who isfocused on your effective job placement.

How is Impronta integrated into my university years?

Core Curriculum


  • Personal and Service Leadership
  • Culture and Civilization


  • Anthropology
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • Visual Culture and Aesthetic Experience
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence


  • Professional Ethics (Deontology)
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Service Learning (SL)

Third and fourth year: During the last two years the student’s activities are focused on applying their acquired knowledge and competences that contribute to social progress.

Initiatives are directed by experts who turn academic projects into social realities.


During the fourth year, a professional in your area of study guides you in your entry into the professional world. This guidance is complemented with seminars, workshops, and talks where you will learn to improve your soft skills and create your personal brand for the job market.


We advise you throughout your academic years and prepare you for your transition into professional life.

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