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Fact Sheet International Programs Villanueva University



Downtown campus

C/ Claudio Coello, 11 28001 Madrid

Phone: 0034915775666

Fax.: 0034914355660

Metro: Retiro/ Serrano


Ana Cuquerella

Head of International Office:

Office: 5 Floor

Carmen Santillana


Fall Semester

Introduction days: September 5 & 6, 2016

September 7 – December 16

Final exams December 12-16, 2016

Bank Holidays October 12, November 9,

December 6,8


Type/ Level of students present in class: International students from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, México, Uruguay, Belgium, The Netherlands etc. Spanish students from: Law/ International Business/ Fashion Management/ International Relations Degrees.

University Services and Facilities

  • Internship Department:
  • First floor Library: open from Monday to Friday (9.00-21.00) First floor.
  • WIFI: A3d87cfd16
  • Computer rooms: 5th floor
  • Intranet Free printing (500 copies): 5th floor (using your intranet password)
  • Student identity card: one passport photo+ ID number is necessary to obtain university card
  • Coffee Corner: -1 Floor

Medical insurance

European Health Insurance Card: free medical attention in any public hospital and sanitary centres. You can check yours phoning 11888 and asking for your “centro de salud” giving your address in Madrid.

If you prefer a private medical service, Villanueva has a preferential agreement with an international hospital close to our Centre. Unidad Médica Angloamericana. C/ Conde de Aranda, 1 1oizquierda. 0034914351823

Estimated Expenses

  • Public transport 20€-30€ € monthly ticket
  • Acupofcoffee1,5€
  • A coke or a beer with tapa 2-3 €
  • A sandwich in a cafeteria 2-4 €
  • Menu in a restaurant near university 10-14 €
  • Room in a shared apartment 500-700 € month
  • Dorms (2 meals) 1200 € month
  • A drink in a club 7-10 €

Bus+ Metro transport Card: Zona A

Application procedures

Send to:

  • Scanned ID or passport
  • Scanned Health Insurance or European Sanitary Card
  • Transcript of records
  • To fulfill application form

Villanueva International Programmes 2016-2017

SEGUNDO SEMESTRE (Spring Semester)




Nº de Pasaporte/Passport number:

Universidad de origen/University:


Nº de creditos que debe cursar/Number of credits:

Course choice*:

* This course choice is not definitely. The student could change his/her election till online matriculation at
Villanueva (September/ January)

He leído y comprendido, y acepto plenamente y sin reservas las condiciones contenidas en la cláusula de información de carácter personal.

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