Each course includes different complementary activities aimed at immersing the student in a university environment, as well as studying the different academic, professional and cultural aspects of the international programs in depth.

Enjoy your experience!

Traveling abroad to study a whole semester is a key decision in the academic and personal development of university students.

At Villanueva, international students benefit from the knowledge acquired through the different International Programs, as well as thoroughly improving their command of the Spanish language, both for everyday use and in their specific professional area of choice. However, studying abroad is most significant for the personal experience it represents. Living and studying in another country, far from one’s usual environment, and immersed in a different culture is a truly mind-opening adventure that makes you much more self-sufficient and independent.

Moreover, when such an experience is shared with people from other countries and different mentalities, it becomes all the more enriching and exciting. This is why at Villanueva we believe that the aim of spending a semester in Madrid should include, beyond all the academic work and effort, enjoying the daily experience of living in a different culture. Coexisting with French, German, British, Russian and Lithuanian students, as well as native Spaniards, and sharing the opportunity to get to know new places and customs in a friendly environment are aspects that complement the student ́s integral learning process.

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During the first two weeks of your experience at Villanueva, and in order to welcome our international student body, you will have the chance to visit to the most famous sites in Madrid and to go on a guided tour to a nearby city of interest, while getting to know your classmates and sharing your experience with each other.

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Each term, a “Gastronomic Meeting” is organized to test and taste our culinary skills. Each student, Spanish and international, prepares a typical dish from their country or region (something simple, no need to be a Michelin chef!) and we all gather together for dinner and taste these traditional dishes from other countries. At Villanueva we also like to celebrate traditional festivities, such as the Seville April Fair, Christmas holiday, Carnaval, Saint Isidro…with all the typical food, music, and customs related to them.

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The university organizes sports championships (soccer and other sports) between students of different nationalities or students and staff, and promotes projects to be developed jointly by international and Spanish students – such as designing and publishing a “university student guide” in different languages.