Application Procedure

Students wishing to enroll in any of our programs should send the following information to us at:

  • The completed Application form below
  • Scanned copy of ID or passport
  • Scanned copy of Health Insurance or European Health Card
  • Transcript of educational records

Application deadline:

Fall semester: May 15
Spring semester: November 15

Villanueva International Programes 2018-2019

Fall Semester
Spring Semester




Nº de Pasaporte/Passport number:

Universidad de origen/Home University:


Nº de creditos que debe cursar/Number of credits to be taken:

Course choice*:

* This course choice is not definite. Your final course program will be confirmed upon registration at
Villanueva (September/ January) on your first day, after Orientation.

He leído y comprendido, y acepto plenamente y sin reservas las condiciones contenidas en la cláusula de información de carácter personal / I have read and understood and agree to be bound by the conditions contained in the personal data clause.

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